What people are saying...

Having physical therapy twice a week during the holiday season could be a real hassle, but I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Lindsey. Because she directed my attention toward strengthening my core... my knee and other leg are much better. Thank you Lindsey, you made P.T. fun and I loved getting to know you! ~ MAC

ATL S&S is full of amazing and helpful professionals! I am so grateful for all of their help over the past 2 years! It is always a pleasant and uplifting experience to come here for an appointment! I could not recommend them more! ~ FJ

The only place to go! ATL Sport & Spine got me through bilateral hip replacement & Pilates has carried me through ever since (i.e. 5 years later)! LOVE these people - all the PT's are SO professional and so personable. Truly feels like family! They rock! 🙂 ~ CE

I try to send all my patients to AS&S for personalized, professional assessment and treatment. 5 STAR RATING every time. ~ WR, MD

This place is so much friendlier, capable and motivating than other PT facilities. I've learned a lot from the PTs. Front staff were flexible and fun! ~ BS

Thank you Atlanta Sport & Spine for providing excellent therapists in which to work with people in various areas of physical pain and disfunctions. You have a cheerful place to come for the help needed! Whenever I have the opportunity to recommend AS&S, I do. Thank you so much for good work well done! ~ MS