3D Video Running Analysis FAQ’s


Who does this help?

This is perfect for both beginners, experienced runners, and anyone in between! Whether you are just getting into running or you are an elite athlete, this analysis can be useful in correcting any deficiencies that may help reduce the risk for injury as you progress.

What is the purpose of 3D running analysis?

Our 3D running analysis program can help you prevent injury, rehabilitate from an acute or chronic injury, and help you reach optimal sports performance.

When should I do a 3D running analysis?

Our custom 3D running analysis program is very helpful before, during, or at the end of the season, or before a goal race.

How is your 3D running gait analysis different from others, like the Dartfish analysis?

We admit, the Dartfish analysis provides excellent data for runners...in 2D. Like we mentioned before, 3D is a game-changer for more reasons than a simple upgrade in technology. 3D running gait analysis, specifically the system by runDNA, provides a comprehensive analysis of your body mechanics while running and identifies areas that need correction. Ultimately, this results in a better running form so that you can run faster and more efficiently.

How Does Your Treatment Plan Differ from other Plans Other, like the Pose Method?

Often times, when runners try to change their stride, they use a cookie-cutter method like Pose Method. Others may have gotten bits and pieces of advice and try to incorporate them all at once while they run (i.e. land on your mid-foot, lean forward, drive your knees, relax your arms). The former is too generic and may not be the change you need (not to say it can't work for some, but you need to figure out if you're that someone). The latter is too difficult for our brains to process while performing such a quick and complex movement.

I seem to get injured whenever I try to hit a PR. Can 3D running gait analysis help me avoid injury?

We hear this all the time, especially when runners try to push their performance to the next level. 3D running gait analysis plays a huge role in injury prevention since it provides valuable information about the transverse plane, which is where most running injuries take place. Your results will show you (1) how your joints and limbs really move, (2) abnormal running patterns, and (3) a frame-by-frame movement analysis of your entire body. This information is critical to reduce your risk of injury from overuse and impact forces.

Is it possible to learn how to run faster with a 3D running analysis?

Are you one of those experienced runners who can't seem to increase your speed, regardless of how hard you try? Although most runners have maximum peak speed, a majority of us won’t come close to that pace without help from a detailed running gait analysis, like runDNA. Plus, a great running coach and corrective running program based on your 3D analysis, can drastically improve your running efficiency to increase your speed. Working with experts at Atlanta Sport & Spine can further accelerate your performance over time.

I already did a running gait analysis, but is there a running program to correct my issues?

Atlanta Sport & Spine and runDNA have teamed together to create a corrective exercise program that is solely based on your running pattern. In this program, you will be shown how to fix the movement errors that are slowing you down, causing injury, keeping you from your best performance.

I’m a running/triathlon coach. How would a 3D running gait analysis help my team?

As a coach, you’re always looking to have an edge over your competition. After all, you are recognized and paid to improve performance, right? Then look no further. Providing your club or team with the gold standard in 3D running gait analysis gives you more credibility and authority when giving feedback to your runners. Additionally, working with one of our experts, all doctors of physical therapy, at Next Level Physio can provide the best approach to keeping your athletes healthy and strong all year long.