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by Atlanta Sport & Spine's Titleist® Performance Institute Trained Physical Therapists

Do you currently have aches, pains, or general physical limitations hindering your golf swing, and you don’t know where to begin in correcting them? Oftentimes, we as golfers are focused on certain swing characteristics but are unaware of the of the physical limitations that prevent us from performing on the golf course the way we would like.

Allow your favorite Physical Therapists at Atlanta Sport & Spine to help!

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We are thrilled to introduce
Jake Kneidel

a Titleist® Performance Institute-trained Physical Therapist who is ready to help you become the best golfer you can be!

Let us be clear:

  • We are NOT swing coaches.
  • We ARE Physical Therapists who can pinpoint your physical inefficiencies and improve them so you can swing more smoothly, decrease your risk for future injury, and keep you playing the game you love for years to come!


That Reverse Spine Angle, which is an incorrect swing characteristic directly due to faulty spinal mechanics, is the #1 cause of low back pain in golfers?

Or how about that 75.8% of professional golfers have fluid control of their pelvis during their golf swing, compared to 28% in amateur golfers?

The list goes on and on.

Your body works in a series of alternating stable and mobile joints, and when this pattern is altered, dysfunction and compensation will occur.

As physical therapists with knowledge of how the body moves during a golf swing, we are able to assess these dysfunctions and compensations.

Together, we can work to correct and maximize the use of certain areas so your swing creates more power, precision, and durability.

Here are just a few common reasons that can lead to breakdowns in your swing

lower body

Decreased lower body strength and stability in your hips, knees, and ankles leads to poor loading and weight-shifting


Decreased spinal mobility promotes faulty rotational patterns

wrist and forearm

Wrist and forearm injury decreases your ability to set and release the club

core and shoulder

Decreased core and shoulder control leads to inconsistent posture throughout your swing… and more!



1. Injury Prevention

Atlanta Sport & Spine Physical Therapists can identify any biomechanical issues or movement patterns that may put undue stress on your body during the golf swing. By addressing these issues early on, you can reduce the risk of developing golf-related injuries, such as strains, sprains, or overuse injuries.


2. Performance Enhancement

Your golf swing depends on many factors, from mechanical to mental. Our team takes a methodical approach to helping you improve your performance and implement strategies to maintain good habits on the course. With our specialized expertise in the TPI system and technology-integrated planning, you are in good hands.


3. Individualized Approach

At Atlanta Sport & Spine, we understand that each golfer has unique physical capabilities and limitations. We can tailor our swing analysis to your specific needs, taking into account your body type, fitness level, and any existing injuries or conditions. This individualized approach allows for personalized recommendations and interventions that can enhance your swing mechanics effectively.


4. Injury Rehabilitation

If you're recovering from a golf-related injury or any other musculoskeletal issue, our physical therapists can evaluate your swing mechanics to identify factors that may have contributed to the injury. By addressing these factors and working on targeted rehabilitation exercises, you can regain the strength, flexibility, and motor control necessary for a successful return to golf.


5. Long-Term Skill Development

Our TPI-trained Physical Therapists can provide guidance on exercises, stretches, and drills to address specific limitations or weaknesses identified during the swing analysis. By incorporating these recommendations into your training routine, you can work on improving your physical attributes, which can translate into long-term skill development and a more consistent golf swing.


6. Biomechanical Insights

Physical therapists possess expertise in human movement and biomechanics. They can analyze your golf swing from a mechanical standpoint, assessing factors like weight transfer, rotational forces, and movement sequencing. This analysis can provide valuable insights into how your body moves during the swing, allowing you to make targeted adjustments for optimal performance.


7. Enhanced Body Awareness

A golf swing analysis by our TPI trained physical therapist can help you develop a greater awareness of your body and its movement patterns. By understanding how your body functions during the swing, you can make conscious adjustments and develop a more efficient and controlled swing technique.

What Does a Golf Swing Analysis at Atlanta Sport & Spine Include?

analyze your swing

During your in-person evaluation, we will analyze your swing using video analysis on Analyzr software

assess your movement

Assess how you are moving through 15 key parts of your body with a record of your performance on the TPI Pro App

discuss important areas

Discuss the most important areas of emphasis

comprehensive full body plan

After our first session together, you will leave with a comprehensive, full-body analysis that outlines your inefficiencies with a clear improvement plan to get you playing the best golf you can!


So... why not?

Top level golfers around the world, including 18 of the last 20 major champions and 25 of the top 30 players in the world, are utilizing TPI trained professionals day in and day out as a part of a team approach in order to keep their bodies and swings in the best shape possible—so why shouldn’t you?

We would love to help you improve your golf performance, prevent injuries, and enhance your overall well-being on the golf course.

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