Sports Medicine

Lindsey Knowles helps with volleyball as part of the the Sports Medicine service at Atlanta Sport and Spine
Atlanta Sport & Spine Physical Therapy offers a competitive edge to get athletes back to their sport.
  • Our Physical Therapists (PTs) understand the unique demands of the high school, college, and professional athlete as well as the weekend warriors.
  • Atlanta Sport & Spine Physical Therapy is fortunate to have Dr. Lindsey Knowles, one of the southeast's most accomplished Sports Physical Therapists who holds a specialty certification in Sports Physical Therapy. She has worked with numerous triathletes and runners, players from the NBA, NHL, PGA Tour, and many collegiate athletes.

Sport Training is taken seriously at Atlanta Sport and Spine

  • We specialize in taking the injured athlete from the initial injury through a thorough evaluation process to identify and correct any biomechanical problems or muscle imbalances, with our ultimate goal to return the athlete to his/her highest level of function as rapidly and safely as possible.
  • We believe in treating the whole athlete and educating the athlete to avoid future injuries.
  • We offer Sports Specific Training for soccer, basketball, football, baseball, lacrosse, swimming, and golf athletes.
  • Several of our PTs are also runners and triathletes and understand the unique demands of runners and endurance athletes. Our Comprehensive Video Running Analysis and ALTER G are great ways to get our patients back to running as quickly and safely as possible.