Biomechanical Video Running Analysis

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Who Can Benefit from Video Running Analysis?

  • Have you ever wondered if you’re running properly or as efficiently as possible?
  • Have you had injuries season after season?
  • Do you wonder if you could safely improve your speed?
  • Do you wonder if you are wearing the correct type of shoe for your foot?
  • Do you question if you can safely run barefoot or with a minimalist shoes?
  • Are you interested in increasing your mileage, but worried about injuries?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, our Video Running Analysis can help!

Keep scrolling for 6 reasons why you need 3D Gait Analysis if you are a runner, or an athlete who runs.


Our recently purchased, state-of-the-art 3D Gait Analysis system is typically only available for professional athletes! We'll help you go beyond existing 2D analysis to get the information and results you need using this comprehensive system.

Helix 3D offers portable 3D Motion Analysis with built-in algorithms to unlock each runner's unique running form.

✓ Gain Live Feedback during analysis
✓ Individualized training plans
✓ Improves running economy
✓ Outrun your personal record
✓ For runners of all abilities
✓ Injury assessment & treatment plan


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Components of Our Complete Biomechanical Video Running Analysis

  • Slow Motion Video Analysis of all Phases of Running preformed by Sports PTs
  • Strength and ROM measurements for bilateral hips, knees and ankles
  • Identify Natural Cadence, abnormal alignment, postural dysfunctions and muscle recruitment deficits
  • Recommendations for Ideal Shoe wear and possible Orthotics per Runner
  • Recommendations for Strength & Flexibility exercises to reduce injuries and improve speed and performance
Top 6 Reasons Runners Need 3D Gait Analysis

3D Technology is a Game Changer!

Running analyses aren’t new, and they have been done in 2D for several years. However, the use of 3D technology allows for significantly more reliable data and has completely changed the quality and usefulness of running gait analyses. 3D Running Analysis includes sophisticated technology to help you reach your performance goals. A 3D gait analysis is the best way to find out and put yourself on a path of more successful injury-free running.

It plays a huge role in injury prevention

Even Small Asymmetries in Running Form Can Slow You Down, Cause Injury & Keep You From Your Best Performance
Only 1 degree increase in contralateral pelvic drop increases a runner’s risk of injury by 80%!! 3D running gait analysis plays a huge role in injury prevention since it provides valuable information about the transverse plane, which is where most running injuries take place. Your results will show you (1) how your joints and limbs really move, (2) abnormal running patterns, and (3) a frame-by-frame movement analysis of your entire body. This information is critical to reduce your risk of injury from overuse and impact forces and can help you avoid excessive strain to your bones, muscles and tendons.

Painful Areas Aren’t Necessarily the Problem Area

Running requires Regional Interdependence. For example, if you have foot pain while running, the problem could actually be coming from a lack of hip mobility that’s causing your foot to move more excessively. In this case, the foot is the weak link, but not the actual problem. 3D Running Analysis allows us to pinpoint the root of the problem and allow your PT to come up with a specialized plan to treat the problem and improve running efficiency.

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Mobility and Strength Training Alone Won’t Improve Form

Unfortunately, many runners develop bad running habits for a variety of reasons including pain or a prior injury. Once a motor pattern is learned, even if it's not the best one, it can take some work to correct it. You can do all the strengthening and stretching you want, but it likely won't result in a change to the movement pattern you've been using while running. We have to make a concentrated effort to change the movement pattern and therefore, change our gait. This can result in faster running and reduce risk of injuries.

Data is Immediate and Can Cause Meaningful Changes in Form

The technology that we use at Atlanta Sport & Spine is unique in many ways. With our 3D technology, we get a plethora of reliable and valid data including the following in the chart below and we get results right away. This means we get immediate numbers and angles that we can compare to normative data. Because we get the data right away, your PT can develop a personalized treatment plan and then have you try some cues and get real-time feedback on whether those cues are changing your running in a way that will reduce the pain you're having or improve your performance. All of this data translates immediately into a personalized plan to change your running form in a meaningful way.

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Run Faster & Reduce the Risk of Injuries

To change a movement pattern, we prescribe a series of drills that progress from slow and deliberate movements to faster, running-like movements. We do this along with giving you ONE simple cue to use while you run. This is all based on your individual results of the 3D gait analysis. Using real time biofeedback and live video are very beneficial to help runners improve efficiency, increase speed and decrease injuries. We typically land on one simple cue for you to use that will make the most impact (i.e. drive your knees forward, follow a metronome for cadence, etc.) and then prescribe drills that support this change

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