Kinesio Tape

What Is “Kinesio Tape”?

Kinesio Taping is used in Physical Therapy offices to help give support and stability to various joints and muscles. It can also be used for preventive maintenance, edema, and to treat pain.

Is It Effective?

Yes! Research on athletes with shoulder dysfunction, specifically impingement and instability, have revealed positive outcomes. The taping helps engage muscles around the shoulder more efficiently and helps improve control during activities. Thus, the results show that Kinesio Tape can be useful during both rehabilitation and during sport activity.

What Sport Activity Can Kinesio Tape Help?

Individuals involved in sports that involve throwing or rapid arm motion such as baseball, softball, and volleyball often deal with shoulder issues at one time or another.
Kinesio Taping will be of benefit to these athletes.

What To Do If You Are Having Shoulder Problems?

Contact a Physical Therapist at Atlanta Sport & Spine and they can inform you if Kinesio Taping will be beneficial for you.

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