Are You Unable To Run Due To Pain?

Are You Unable To Run Due To Pain?

Have you ever had to give up running, workout activities, or spend less of your time participating in your favorite sport due to the recurrence of pain? Pain is something that everyone experiences and is perfectly normal as long it goes away. However, if you have ever had to quit running or continue to sit out from your favorite activities, physical therapy is a great solution.

Physical therapists are trained to evaluate movement and function. A PT can help guide you to break that pain cycle, improve your pain/dysfunction, and help you decrease future recurrence of injury.

Running injuries are so common that it has been reported that 31% of males and 18% of females will discontinue running over the course of 10 years due to an injury. Runners at all levels may be impacted due to various factors such as: previous history of chronic injury/pain, overtraining, structural dysfunction, weakness, improper footwear, or altered running mechanics.

Running is one of the most widely accepted and practiced activities for health benefits, stress relief, weight control, or social recreation. Lower extremity injury rates have been shown to occur in up to 79% of runners at some point.

Whether you started with your first Peachtree Road Race this year, began your first Couch to 5k program, quit running at some point due to fear of pain, or you are currently training for high level competitive events, we want to help you meet your goals.


Increase your Cadence by 10% for improved speed, endurance, efficiency, and decrease stress in your joints.

  1. Run for 30 seconds and count every time your left foot strikes the ground
  2. Multiply this number by 4 to get your step rate per minute
  3. If this number is around 160 or less you will likely benefit from increasing your step rate by 10%
  4. Increase this number by 10% and set the rate per minute to a metronome so that you can practice this increased step rate