Skiing Injuries

Ski season is upon us…

With winter in full effect, ski season is here. We want everyone to have fun but stay safe and avoid injury.

Three of the most common ski injuries include ACL tear, MCL tear, and shoulder dislocation.

Most ACL injuries in skiing (over 70%) occur when the skier is in the “back seat” and catches an inside edge, causing the knee to twist beyond its normal range of motion.

MCL injuries tend to occur when a skier is snow ploughing down a mountain and they fall over without changing their body position. It can also be injured if you fall over and your knee falls inwards.

Shoulder dislocations often occur when a skier falls directly onto the shoulder joint, or onto an outstretched hand and the force of the fall is transmitted up the arm to the shoulder.

The best way to avoid these injuries is to be as fit as possible. Staying strong will help you to stabilize your joints. Cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance are all important in avoiding injury. And remember, if you are feeling fatigue, stop and take a rest.

However, even the strong can still sustain an injury. If you would like more information on how to avoid injury, or if, unfortunately, an injury has already occurred, contact Atlanta Sport & Spine Physical Therapy to schedule a session with one of our knowledgeable physical therapists.

You can now come to physical therapy without a referral and all our physical therapists are skilled in the treatment of orthopedic injuries.

Stay safe and have a great ski season!